Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I get the fingerprint taken?
We will send out a fingerprint impression kit to you when we receive your order.  It will include clear instructions on how to take the print.

Q What if I make a mistake?
We will send out enough impression putty for you to take two prints per person.  You will have enough time to have a few attempts before the putty starts to cure.  If you fail to get a clear print then additional kits can be ordered at a cost of £1.50 each plus p&p.

Q What will the fingerprint look like in my finished piece?
The fingerprints will look the same as they do in the impression putty.  Any puckers, smudges etc will show up on the silver if they were on the impression.  We cannot change or improve the quality of the fingerprint sent to us so please make sure you are happy with your impression before returning it.

Q Is there a minimum age for fingerprint jewellery?
Not as such.  Fingerprints vary from person to person.  Some babies are born with visible whorls, others won't get them for a few months.  Young babies may just produce a 'dimple' which will still be unique to them.  If your babies fingers don't show any visible lines you could try their big toe or just wait until they are slightly older!

Q Is there a maximum age for fingerprint jewellery?
There is no maximum age for fingerprint jewellery.  We would recommend that you choose a medium or large pendant though as adult prints are larger.  Men especially would probably be best off to use their little finger.

Q Can you add an initial, name or date to my fingerprint  pendant?
Yes. We can add  up to 10 characters to your pendant. We usually put any engraving on the back to keep the fingerprint the object of attention. 

Q What are the pendants made from?
A We handcraft the pendants from 999 pure silver and use 925 sterling silver chains/findings.  An oxidising patina solution is also applied to the fingerprint to enhance it.  You may see the odd blemish/mark on your jewellery, these are not defects but a quirk of the method used.  These only add to the uniqueness of your handmade piece.

Q When will I receive my fingerprint jewellery?
We aim to make your jewellery within 14 days of receiving the impression from you.  This is a guide only and may take longer during busy periods.  Please let us know if you need your item sooner and we can make it a priority order.

Q Will my item be gift-wrapped?
Your jewellery will be sent in a presentation box.

Q How do I look after my silver jewellery?
Your 999 pure silver jewellery will not tarnish as much as 925 sterling silver.  To clean it wipe with a lint free or silver polish cloth, avoid rubbing the fingerprint and any areas that have been darkened with the oxidising solution as the polish may remove it.  Remove your jewellery whilst swimming and showering.  Take care not to spray any perfume, hairspray etc. onto your jewellery.  Pure silver is softer than sterling silver so care should be taken to avoid bumps and scratches to it.  Keep it in a soft-lined box when not being worn to avoid damage.

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